Summit Ingenious FF1525PL

Written by Amanda Spencer. Posted in Top Freezer Refrigerators

Discover the innovative technologies in the Summit Ingenious FF1525PL refrigerator, a modern and stylish unit that offers the convenience of a smartly-designed interior and a generous warranty. However, if you decide to purchase this unit, keep in mind that it’s not Energy Star rated and it only offers 14 cu. ft. of storage.

Frigidaire FFHT2131QP

Written by Amanda Spencer. Posted in Top Freezer Refrigerators

Sometimes, customers are looking for stylish, sophisticated refrigerators with LED lighting and multiple features, but other times they simply want a unit that will keep their food cold and fresh without many fancy options. In the last case, the Frigidaire FFHT2131QP is whet they are looking for, being an affordable yet efficient enough refrigerator that offers plenty of storage room and basic quality standards at a small price.

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