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How we collect information

In order to respect your privacy rights, we will inform you of the two manners through which we collect information from you.

1. Passively collected information

This type of information, as the name suggest is provided unwillingly by the users. It is automatically collected whenever a user visits this website. This is non-identifiable information, so it can’t be used for contacting the users, for locating them or for identifying them. Whenever you access this website, we save and store your IP. We use this data generally for fixing various server related issues which may appear from time to time. We also collect other types of information such as your operating system or your browser. We must know this information in order to see how our website performs under certain situations. For example, certain errors may only occur on specific browsers, and we need to know what browsers our visitors use in order to fix those problems. The passively collected information is collected through cookies. The cookies are small files which are installed on the computer of each user who visits this site. These small files are harmless, as they don’t contain any data that can damage your computer and they don’t collect any type of personal information.

Actively collected information

As the name suggests, this information is actively provided by the users. Generally, it is provided through the contact form. Whenever a user wishes to get in contact with us, he must provide us with a name and an e-mail address, so that we have a way to get back to them with an answer to their inquiries.

Why we collect information

As we already mentioned, certain types of information are used in order to know how our website performs under certain conditions. Other types of information are used in order to generate traffic statistics so that we can analyze the evolution of our website and improve it according to the interests of the users. This favors our website, but also our visitors, who will benefit from better services from our part.

How we use the information that we collect

The information that we collect from our users is generally stored in user data bases. It is frequently used for generating statistics. Knowing which subjects are of most interest in certain times of the year or in certain parts of the world can help us better understand what our visitors expect from us. Aside from making traffic statistics, we can also use the collected information for marketing strategies, for monitoring our growth and so on. As we already mentioned, certain types of information are used for understanding the conditions under which certain errors occur on our website, so that we can fix those errors faster.

The privacy and the security of the collected information

Since you trust us with your information, be it non-identifiable or identifiable, we go to great lengths to keep that information secure, by using high level security software, similar to the ones used by banks. Moreover, that information is used strictly for improving our website, and it is not shared with any third parties, except for our affiliates. An uncommon situation in which your information my be shared with an external party involves the case in which we are legally required to disclose it, because either our website, or one or more of our visitors are suspected of illegal actions.

Links and affiliates

Some of the information collected from our users is shared with our affiliates for generating statistics and for improving services. Moreover, this website often participates in affiliate programs. This means that you can encounter links on this website which lead to commercial websites, meaning that this website makes a commission when you click on certain links or when you make purchases via certain links.

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Nevertheless, keep in mind that BestRefrigerator.Reviews doesn’t advertise certain products for profit alone. We only direct you to products in which we genuinely trust, and which we believe to be reliable.
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